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Aug. 11th, 2008



my white-green deck

Land 20x
8x Snow-covered forest
7x Snow-covered plains
3x Arctic flats
1x treetop village
1x dark depths

Green Spells 14x
2x Llanowar elves
2x Skarrgan Pit-Skulk
1x simic Initiate
2x essence warden
2x boreal druid
1x wall of blossoms
2x into the north
1x frostweb spider
1x verdant embrace

White spells 13x
2x soul warden
1x sun's bounty
2x mycologist
1x knight of the holy nimbus
1x oblivion ring
2x stonybrook schoolmaster
1x glorious anthem
1x galepowder mage
2x adarkar valkyrie

Colorful spells 13x
1x Wax/wane
2x selesnya evangel
1x watchwolf
2x armadillo cloak
1x loxodon hierarch
1x phytohydra
4x juniper order ranger
1x taolsimir wolfblood

Jun. 1st, 2008



One of my fun decks - Double strike

This is the latest iteration of my Double strike deck, it is lots of fun...

WBR Double strike

23 Lands
4 Ancient Amphitheater
4 Blood Crypt
2 Boros Garrison
2 Godless Shrine
3 Mountain
2 Murmuring Bosk
4 Sacred Foundry
2 Sunhome, fortress Of The Legion

4 Spells
2 Patrician's Scorn
1 Wrath Of God (foil =D)
1 Swords to Plowshares

3 Creatures
3 Crypt champion

2 Spells
2 Howl From Beyond

7 Spells
3 Brute Force
2 Fists Of The Anvil
2 Grab The Reins

13 Creatures
1 Char Rumbler
4 Desolation Giant
4 Skizzik
4 Tarox Bladewing

6 Creatures
4 Boros Swiftblade
2 Brion Stoutarm

3 Spells
3 Lightning Helix

Note: Sometimes when I get in a pissy mood, I throw in 4 Isochron Scepters and it makes for such a beautiful broken game mechanic. In one such game, I had two lands for 14 rounds, being in massive mana debt. However, on round two I dropped an Isochron with Lightning Helix on it and was able to stave off two opponents from killing me until round 19.

In my most recent game that I played this deck against two opponents, one of my opponents played Ajani Goldmane and used its ability to create a life total size token critter, that I immediately Grabbed the Reins on and popped him with.

To kill my other opponent, I cast Tarox Bladewing, then used Fists Of The Anvil to make him 8/3 Flying Haste, then discarded another Tarox to grandeur and give Tarry +8 / +8 (for his power) and popped my other opponent for 16.

May. 31st, 2008



Type 2 Cream of Pandemonium

I have been gearing up two of my decks for Type 2 Tourney play, my RG aggro decklist is below. All cards listed I own.

5 Forest
4 Highland Weald
4 Karplusian Forest
3 Mountains
1 Safe Haven
2 Terramorphic Expanse
2 Treetop Village

21 Creatures
4 Birds Of Paradise
4 Briarhorn
4 Groundbreaker
2 Llanowar Elves
4 Primal Forcemage
3 Uktabi Drake

5 Spells
3 Cream Of The Crop
2 Harmonize

4 Creatures
4 Lightning Serpent

6 Spells
3 Browbeat
3 Pandemonium

2 Hybrid
2 Giantbaiting

Total 60 cards

1 Feldon's Cane
4 Krosan Grip
4 Molten Disaster
3 Raking Canopy
3 Vexing Shusher

I am thinking of putting Eyes Of the Wisent, or Guttural Response, Or Murderous Redcap. Currently I only have Eyes Of The Wisent to use.

I think that with a Pandemonium and a Primal Forcemage in play, that the best creature for me to draw is a Briarhorn and anything hasted and or trampling. For two mana I get do do 6 damage to my opponents head by evoking it to bring it into play, trigger the Pandemonium for 6, then give my beater a Giant Growth.

I play a lot of multi-player, and against two players I can win about 60% of the time (because when they see my deck they always team up and kill me first), but this deck is brutal in a standard duel and i win about 80-85% of the time. I would still like suggestions if anyone can offer anything useful.

May. 28th, 2008

MTG - Time Walk


Selling Lorwyn-Shadowmoor Block & Promo Cards

I just wanted to let anyone who was interested know that I'm selling a bunch of Lorwyn-Shadowmoor Block & Promo Cards :)

Crossposted to mtg

Apr. 21st, 2008



Prerelease deck

(x-posted to mtgfurs

I went 4-1(games: 9-2) with this (and no, sorry, I don't have a list of the other cards I had):Collapse )

MVP's of this deck would be:
- Inkfathom Infiltrator (unblockable FTW)
- Silkbind Faerie (Attacking, and then tapping a creature on your opponents turn is incredible)
- Blight Sickle (Incredibly in combat, or on either of the previous two creatures)
- Incremental Blight (In limited it was pretty much always a WOG)

Other than that, little creature beats + board control + reasonable amount of removal worked very well. The deck I lost to in the finals (going in 4-0, games: 8-0), was simply filled with too many power cards, and I really never had a chance.

Apr. 16th, 2008



Once More, with Feeling! -XPost-

Hey guys, I was offering these cards a moment ago before I took them to the auction houses and whatnot, but the last buyer never responded when it was time to iron out the details.  I'm selling these for $200 even...email me at geleesthepanther@yahoo.com with your information if you're interested, and we can work out something.  Thanks^^

Mar. 25th, 2008



And you thought Type2 was expensive

Here's the current build of the Type 1 deck I'm working on. (x-posted to mtgfurs)

Balanced BombermanCollapse )

Mar. 23rd, 2008



Pre-Auction Interests? Cross-posted

Hey guys, I'm selling some odds and ends cards and I wanted to know if anyone was interested before I take to the auction houses and whatnot.

Mar. 22nd, 2008

oh hai


New Game

 HI all.  First off, let me take a second to apologize for being off topic...

Anyway, I'm in the market for collectable card game veterans-- the more games you've played the better.  A well-rounded gaming mind-- from lots of rules systems, game theory, and marketing-- is key, but I also want people who'd simply love to give a new concept a try.  I have developed a card game about a certain Thursday night prime-time network TV show...the one with the crashed plane and smoke monster.  Right now, I'm hoping to snag some gamers interested in getting my little game out on the open road to test its rules, cards, etc. to see if there are big time rules gaps, broken rules, ridiculously powerful cards, etc. that should be tweaked before really taking the pitch to the next level.

If you're interested, I would love to hear from you!  Comment here, or my own private LJ, or even at slpjeff12 at yahoo dot com.  Intersted people will need to provide me a little info-- a real name, reliable email address, and some very basic geographical info.  This just helps me get you the materials to try, and to keep track of who's got what.  Also, I'm trying to keep tabs on who sees what in an effort to prevent the no-goodniks out there from accidentally stealing my idea.  


Mar. 6th, 2008

stolen valentine


My B/R standard deck

I don't think it's the greatest, I'm probably playing cards I should cut for better stuff because when I first made the deck they were cards I wanted to play for fun, but it does pretty well consistently. I've won I think 3 times with it, and don't usually miss the top 4 with it.


7 Swamp
7 Mountain
4 Sulfurous Springs
4 Graven Cairns (I can't say enough how awesome this land is)

I think I cut a Swamp or Mountain to run a Zoetic  Cavern (morph trick), but eventually just cut the Cavern.

4 Oona's Prowler
2 Nether Traitor
2 Dauthi Slayer
2 Changling Berserker
3 Akroma, Angel of Fury
3 Shriekmaw
1 Hypnotic Specter (foil)

I think when I made the deck I would have put in either more Nether Traitors or Dauthi Slayers if I had them (now I have full playsets but can't decide what changes to make). Shriekmaw is just good, and the Hyppie is there because a friend borrowed money from me and bought a pack with some of it, got the foil Hyppie and a Reya Dawnbringer in it, and gave them to me (he plays MTGO exclusively) and I had never had a hyppie before. Sometimes it's pretty good being in there. Akroma...a beater with relevant protections and morph, the berserkers help me cheat paying expensive prices to get Akroma out, and they have haste.

1 Lilian Vess
2 Profane Command
3 Rift Bolt
4 Sudden Death
3 Extirpate
4 Thoughseize
3 Loxodon Warhammer
1 Deathrender

The spell selection usually works pretty well, maybe half the time I can pull Thoughtseize on the first turn. I don't know what I would change, the deck usually works very well. One time I was able to extirpate this guys nova chasers both games in the finals one week...wow, that didn't go over well.

Well, there it is ^^

My sideboard sucks...there's no real metagame to board for, so it's pretty random. I can say I would have more Pyroclasms if I could find them...I had them in another deck and swapped them for something, and I don't remember where I put them then.

1 Hostility
1 Stronghold Overseer
1 Pyroclasm (would be 4)
2 Chandra Nalaar
1 Extirpate
1 Rift Bolt
1 Liliana Vess
3 Damnation
3 Taurean Mauler
(I forget the 15th...)


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