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direwolf23 in magic_tg

Prerelease deck

(x-posted to mtgfurs

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1x Ghastly Discovery (2U)
2x Aphotic Wisps (B)
1x Incremental Blight (3BB)
1x Aethertow (3[U/W])
1x River's Grasp (3[U/B])
1x Scar ([R/B])


1x Blight Sickle (2)
1x Elsewhere Flask (2)
1x Umbral Mantle (3)

Enchant Creatures

1x Torpor Dust (2[U/B])


1x Tatterkite (3)
1x Scuttlemutt (3)
1x Wasp Lancer ([U/B][U/B][U/B])
1x Prismwake Merrow (2U)
1x River Kelpie (3UU)
2x Cinderbones (2B)
1x Sickle Ripper (1B)
1x Silkbind Faerie (2[U/W])
1x Somnomancer (1[U/W])
1x Gravelgill Axeshark (4[U/B])
1x Inkfathom Infiltrator ([U/B][U/B])
1x Oona's Gatewarden ([U/B])


1x Mystic Gate
1x Leechridden Swamp
7x Swamp
6x Island

MVP's of this deck would be:
- Inkfathom Infiltrator (unblockable FTW)
- Silkbind Faerie (Attacking, and then tapping a creature on your opponents turn is incredible)
- Blight Sickle (Incredibly in combat, or on either of the previous two creatures)
- Incremental Blight (In limited it was pretty much always a WOG)

Other than that, little creature beats + board control + reasonable amount of removal worked very well. The deck I lost to in the finals (going in 4-0, games: 8-0), was simply filled with too many power cards, and I really never had a chance.


Wither is amazing in combat, allowing for the fact that you're not blocking a creature that can utilize the tokens without killing it. Your opponent's creatures which were previously bouncing off your creatures, are suddenly now dying.

Aside from that, equipment is always good in limited if it's cost efficient.

Imagine this scenario(which happened all day):
- Attack with Silkbind Faerie who has the sickle attached and deal 2
- Untap it to both tap a creature and block one.

The counters eventually kill all kinds of creatures, or effectively neuter them in combat, and they stop persist. I really see no down-side to this card and will play it every time I get it.
Bonesplitter is superior, but that doesn't make this card bad.

With the untap ability now in the set, you rarely have to switch the equipment around to make it useful, like in the example I outlined. Furthermore, the card advantage gained from persist can be quite significant, and the sickle removes that advantage. Not to mention that in a format often dominated by standoffs and riding minor advantages to the win, slowly killing off your opponents creatures or adding one extra point of damage on every swing can make all the difference.

You're also completely missing, or at least discounting the improvement to chump blocking. You're never just chump blocking when this equipment is attached, you're reducing power and toughness, which can be invaluable. One more damage to my opponent on each swing, and/or my opponents creatures moving from say a 5/5 to a 3/3, made all the difference for me all day.
Nice record you got there! :) I have been looking at Shadowmoor and I'm quite impressed with the hybrid cards. It starting to make me think of cool combinations already. The wither ability is awesome because its like damage that doesn't go away at the end of turn.

I think I am going to like Incremental Blight than Incremental Growth because I remember being able to play an Incremental Growth but I didn't have enough of my own creatures to play it well and instead put it on my opponent's creature instead, which really sucked. With Incremental Blight, you can drop some nice damage on some opposing creatures or on yours that get benefits with putting more -1/1- counters. So either way its more flexible.

August 2012

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