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And you thought Type2 was expensive

Here's the current build of the Type 1 deck I'm working on. (x-posted to mtgfurs)


1x Mox Sapphire
1x Mox Ruby
1x Mox Emerald
1x Mox Jet
1x Mox Pearl
1x Black Lotus
1x Sol Ring
1x Tormod's Crypt
1x Pithing Needle
2x Sensei's Divining Top
1x Æther Spellbomb
1x Pyrite Spellbomb


3x Counterbalance


4x Force of Will
4x Brainstorm
3x Stifle
1x Ancestral Recall
1x Time Walk
1x Demonic Tutor
1x Vampiric Tutor
1x Enlightened Tutor
4x Duress


4x Trinket Mage
3x Auriok Salvager
3x Aven Mindcensor


1x Tolarian Academy
4x Flooded Strand
4x Underground Sea
4x Tundra
1x Island
1x Plains

Some of the other cards I'm considering are:

1x Phyrexian Dreadnought
1x Stifle
1x Engineered Explosives
1x Yawgmoth's Will
1x Timetwister
1x Merchant Scroll
1x Mystical Tutor
1x Echoing Truth
4x Thoughtseize


You're doing what I see a number of inexperienced Bomberman players doing -- adding in Pyrite Spellbomb, with no "real" red sources of mana. You have a ruby and a lotus. So typically, if you draw the pyrite, you aren't necessarily going to have the mana to activate it's first ability, so you're left with leaving it in play (mostly useless, except for the Academny -- which is a one of) or you "slow" cycle it (total of 2 mana to "discard" it and draw a card.

That's an incredibly boring card.

Can't you look up any other way to win?
I didn't realize I was trying to amuse you with the deck.

I'm usually having to play a passive draw-go style while I put together the pieces of the deck, so the pyrite spellbomb never seemed all that slow, and the card draw not that costly. Its a combo win condition, so I didn't figure it was all that important to be able to use it on a whim, but I can always put in a Volcanic Island or Plateau to search for.

I could add some Cunning wishes to get Brainfreeze.
You have 10 creatures with 2 power each. Even a trinket mage can go all the way while you are playing your game of 'draw-go.' I don't know how much of other formats you play, but I've seen a number of type 1 players forget about the attack step unless they are playing Fish. (Those who don't forget, also tend to play more creature based formats such as limited.)

And I wasn't saying that the deck should be entertaining at all (although, it does help to play it if you are having fun doing so), but that the effective use you have of the pyrite spellbomb is a card that says: Sorcery {2}: Draw a card. And would you normally put a card like that into your deck? Most people wouldn't (which is why the spellbombs aren't played much anywhere else.)

So the problem with the pyrite spellbomb is that it doesn't do anything for you, until you combo off. Sure, you could add in a red dual so that you can use it more -- but then you are stretching your mana base to 4 colours, which is probably way too much. I mean, it's doable, just not optimal.

Instead, why not just use the AEther spellbomb to draw a bunch of cards, drop a bunch of guys, and then swing for the win next turn (with a hand full of counter magic) And since you also play with Duress, you can use that to make sure that if they have a way of stopping it, that you remove it, or they have to topdeck it (for which you have your counters to stop it.)

That would just straight up free up a slot in your deck for something else -- like perhaps a fact or fiction? If you end up playing draw-go a lot, Fact is a pretty solid card to play that particular game with.
I play type2 primarily, but I dabble in all the formats. I'll cut it and see how it plays. May add the Stifle and Dreadnought , or two wishes for another / alternate win condition.
One legitimate reason for keeping the Pyrite in the deck is that it serves as Extirpate insurance; if Aether Spellbomb gets Extirpated at some point, this deck suddenly has a remarkably hard time winning even with infinite mana -- it can't draw its deck any more and it can't do any of its bouncing. Pyrite offers a backup plan for going infinite in relevant ways.
That's a reason to not rely on just the aether spellbomb -- not necessarily a reason to keep the pyrite in. Adding in any secondary win condition/route would serve the same purpose (such as the cunning wish that direwolf mentioned.)
I may be confused but I don't understand carthain's comment - isn't the pyrite spellbomb essential? And what's the big deal if it's only taking up one spot?

I think a Mox Diamond would help you go infinite :)

Also, do you own all of that power? If so, I'm jealous - I only own 1 piece :P
No, Pyrite spellbomb is not essential.

Infinate mana + any spellbomb lets you draw your deck (or most of it) by recurring the spellbomb. You can then play down all your creatures and have a hand full of counter magic, and then win next turn by swinging for lethal. Time walk makes this a touch easier.

Or, as mentioned above, a cunning wish could get a brainfreeze to just deck them.

Take a look at some decklists at www.themanadrain.com and see if they're still using the pyrite spellbomb (I'm honestly not sure what they are using.)

And as for "only taking up 1 slot" -- in type 1, the decks are often very highly tuned decks, and freeing up 1 slot to put something more useful in can be very critical. Especially considering how much tutoring there is in Vintage so that 'one-ofs' are seen with much more frequency than in something like Extended or Standard.

And no, Mox Diamond does not let you go infinite. You need to discard a land for it every time you cast it (check the link for the current oracle wording.)

As for owning power -- it really depends on where you live. In europe, it seems like it is quite useful to own power, but much less so in north america where proxy tournaments are much more common.
I meant LED not Mox Diamond - I was also asking the OP about owning Power, not whether owning Power was "useful" as you put it. I've been playing for 13 years and don't appreciate being talked down to, thank you.
For LED vs Mox Diamond -- It's a valid assumption that you did mean it, as not everyone is aware that the text printed on the card is not exactly the way it works.

As for owning power being special or not -- if it isn't useful (ie, if anyone can proxy it -- as is common in north america) then there's nothing to be jealous about.

And for the record, I'm not talking down to you. I'm merely explaining a point that you had expressed doubts about.
As for owning power being special or not -- if it isn't useful (ie, if anyone can proxy it -- as is common in north america) then there's nothing to be jealous about.

I'm sure some people agree with you - I don't. MTG is a Collectible Card Game and owning older rare cards like the Power 9 is like owning a piece of gaming history, as well as a nice little investment.
Agreed, owning the Power 9's is way better than any proxy.
Even though it is one more mana, I think you should use Trickbind instead of Stifle for the split second effect.

Aside from that... Is your kill by damage from creatures? That would take quite a while with the weenies you have.

I have been playing since Fallen Empires, so unfortunately I missed out on pulling lotuses and moxes from packs. I am admittedly not a type I player in general, although I have tons of older stuff. Is the game mechanic like this in TI?

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